Privacy Policy

In, hereinafter ‘this website’, we respect your personal information and in view of complying with the respective security policies concerning any website, which should be obligatory, we inform you of the following:

Privacy of personal data:

Your personal data belongs only to you and this website is responsible for not revealing any kind of information that belongs to you (such as email, ip numbers, etc.), except with your express authorization or forces of a legal nature that involve you, such as hacking or impersonation.

Security of your personal information:

This website is responsible for ensuring security, the privacy of your information and respect for your data, in accordance with the limitations that the current Internet provides, being aware that we are not excluded from suffering any attack by of crackers or malicious users who practice computer crime.

Obtaining your information:

All your personal data consigned in this site are provided by yourself, making full use of your freedom. The information stored here only includes basic data entered through contact forms or similar ones.

Use of information:

By providing us with your personal data, in accordance with the Privacy Policy set forth herein, you authorize us for the following use of your information:

  • a) For the same purpose for which it has been supplied.
  • b) To consider it within our traffic statistics, thus increasing our advertising and market offer.
  • c) To send e-mails with our newsletters, answer questions or comments, and keep our users informed.