Authorized for commercial operations with drones and helicopters in controlled airspace, urban environments, agglomerations of buildings and night operations, Dronelab provides specialized aerial services for film, TV and photography productions.

We offer cutting-edge solutions for the most demanding cinematography projects using the best gyro-stabilized systems on land, sea and air, with operators specialized in the most popular systems on the professional market.

The Dronelab team is made up of pilots, cinematographers, camera operators, technicians and coordinators of the highest level with extensive experience in both aerial and conventional filming. Helicopter and drone pilots are highly qualified and have thousands of hours of experience which allows us to tackle any film set even in extreme locations such as Antarctica.

Our list of credits includes movies, commercials, TV, corporate and 3D models.

Welcome aboard.

Helicopters & Gyrostabilized Heads

High-altitude shoots, flights over city and high-speed tracking

Single and multi turbine helicopters for cinema, TV, photography and photogrammetry equipped with Shotover F1 & Cineflex.
The Shotover F1 is the only 6 axes gyro-stabilized head in the world. It can handle over 200 cameras and lens combinations. Usually combined with Red Weapon, Monstro, Alexa Mini or Mini LF and Fujinon Cabrio ZK 25-300 mm or Optimo Anamorphic 42-420 A2S, 1 Tb memory cards, ND-IR optical filters. It is the definitive tool to mount on helicopters, airplanes, boats and cars.
The Cineflex V14 is a 5 axis gyro-stabilized head equipped with a Sony HDC-1500 or HDC-950F camera that offers 1920×1080 files, HDCAM SR on Dual-Link with a data stream of up to 880 Mbps and 4: 4: 4 or standard 4:2:2 HQ ProRes makes it especially useful for live broadcasts and television productions.

Freefly Alta

Aerial filming with exceptional quality

Designed to meet the most demanding projects with accurate and reliable results, the Alta’s allow you to mount the most popular cameras and lenses on the film market.

Combined with Movi Pro or Ronin 2 they are the most used equipment for cameras such as Arri Alexa Mini and Mini LF or Red.

Inspire 2 & X5S / X7

The high-end aerial cinema bundle | 6K Raw | Super35 | Full Prime Lenses Set

It is the first cinematographic drone with a weight of less than 5 kg, and an autonomy of 20 minutes of flight capable of developing a top speed of 94 km/H.
With a setup time of 5′, a change of batteries or optics in 1′, it is our favourite integrated full platform bundle of drone, camera, transmitters and lenses.
Everything is integrated in this platform of last generation that facilitates the times on the set in a radical way maintaining an unprecedented quality.

Zenmuse X7

6K Raw | Super35 | Full Prime Lenses Set

The Zenmuse X7 camera is equipped with a Super35 sensor and was designed to be the ultimate aerial shooting tool for professional filmmakers.
With a dynamic range of 14 steps, it is compatible with DJI DL 16, 24, 35 and 50mm lenses.
It has a D-log curve and a RGB-D-Gamut color space, which allows it to easily match with Alexa. It delivers 6K files at 24/25/30/60 fps at Cinema DNG and 5.2k at 24/25/30/60 fps on ProRes and the new format ProRes/Raw and SDI and HDMI live broadcast.

Zenmuse X5S

5.2K Raw | CMOS 4/3’| Full Prime Lens Set

The Zenmuse X5S camera, equipped with a Micro 4/3 sensor, has a dynamic range of 12.8 steps and is compatible with eight Olympus lenses from 9 mm to 45 mm (equivalent to 18 mm – 90 mm in a full frame camera), and delivers files 5.2K at 24/25 and 30 fps in CinemaDNG and Apple ProRes.

FPV Drones: Cinelifter, Racing & Cinewhoop

Unimaginable perspectives

Racing FPVs achieve unimaginable perspectives and breakneck speeds where adrenaline is the main thing. The flight system with immersive vision goggles offers amazing perspective.

The Siccario is a drone that allows mounting cameras such as Red Komodo, Freefly Wave, Blackmagic Design or the most popular Mirrorless models, offering the highest image quality in FPV systems.

There are various Cinewhoop versions of different sizes that allow camera configurations from Red Komodo to Gopro and are capable of flying through very narrow spaces and around people thanks to their compact size and protected propellers.

Mavic 3 & 3 Cine

Prores format, up to 5.1K and 120 Fps/s, D-log or HLG 10 bits

The Mavic 3 Cine has been conceived for professional use. The productivity and quality of the Prores format, reaches up to 5.1K, D-log and HLG 10 Bit profiles, which reaches up to 120 fps/s make it the most advanced tool on the market in the sub 1kg category.
Its younger sibling, the Mavic 3, has the same features except for the Prores format, offering files in h264 and h265 formats.

Ronin 2

Large format stabilizers

Suitable for all camera and lens combinations on the professional market, it is the most advanced high-performance gyro-stabilized mount on the market. Capable of being used by hand or in combination with Ready Rig, Steadycam, Armorman and cranes or mounted on vehicles, it is able to withstand the most demanding situations without loss of control.

Ronin S2

Small format stabilizers

Suitable for camera-lens combinations up to 4.5kg, it is the most advanced low-weight gyro-stabilized mount on the market. Designed for use in hand, on Steadycam, cranes or mounted on vehicles, it integrates the Titan stabilization algorithm and SuperSmooth mode to compensate for the slightest movements, as well as the Active Track tracking system and Reven Eye for video transmission.

Force Pro

Intuitive camera movements

High precision movement control system that allows the operator to control the outriggers remotely. By synchronizing the movements of the operator with those of the camera, it allows you to work more intuitively than ever.

Arri Alexa Mini & Mini LF

The go-to camera for drama series, feature films and commercials

Arri Alexa Mini is the small and versatile of the ARRI camera family. It is light enough to be used with gyro-stabilized mounts, while its compact size makes it ideal for aerial shooting conditions.
The Arri Alexa Mini LF combines compact size and low weight with the Alexa LF large format sensor, being able to combine Full Frame and Super 35 formats in combination with spherical and anamorphic lenses.

Red Cameras

Monstro | Helium | Komodo | Weapon | Dragon

Red’s are is designed to offer cutting-edge performance, it is the most intuitive camera on the market.
High transfer rates on the camera itself, 1D and 3D-LUT outputs, and freedom to record simultaneously in RAW REDCODE®, Apple ProRes or Avid DNxHR / HD file formats up to 8K.
The Red system includes integrated mounting points, interchangeable lens mount, intelligent OLP filter system, providing a solution that combines flexibility and accessibility with high-end performance.

Canon C70

Super 35 | 4K | 120 FPS | RF

The EOS C70 is a new generation RF mount Cinema EOS system camera incorporating the DGO 4K Super 35mm sensor. Featuring 4K 120p slow motion, high dynamic range, and Dual Pixel CMOS AF in a compact body. 12-bit Cinema RAW Light recording. Two UHS-II SD card slots allow simultaneous or uninterrupted recording of 4K XF-AVC/MP4 (4:2:2 10-bit) files. Compatible with the EF-EOS R 0.71 adapter gives access to Canon’s wide range of EF mount lenses.

Canon R5

RAW Up to 8K | 45 MPX | Full Frame

Mirrorless systems became the most often tool for a variety style of production shooting.
Equipped with a Full-Frame CMOS Sensor, this little beast is capable to offer up to 8K RAW video at 12 bits  24/25/30p and 4K 120 10-Bit Internal Video.
The Sensor Shift 5 Axis Image Stabilisation combine with small stabilisers became in a perfect tool for tracking and dynamic captures.



Modelo 77
Production Company Atipika FIlms – Movistar+
42 Segundos
Production Company: Universal Pictures
800 Metros
Bambú – Netflix
Client: Oppo
Production Company: Agile Films
Client: Airbus
Production Company: Mango Producciones
Client: Mitsubishi
Production Company: Grayskull
Client: Reverse Components
Director: Hector Cash
Client: Seat
Production Company: Agosto
Client: Holthinrichs Watches
Production Company: Zeroseventy⁠
Client: Audi
Production Company: Indómita
Client: Audi
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Client: Audi
Production Company: Garage Films
Red Light Series
Production Company: Eyeworks
Client: Ami Paris
Production Company: Newland
Client: NHK
Production Company: B-Mount
From Bcn With Love
Director: Guido Manuilo
Director: Guido Manuilo
Client: Balearia
Production Company: Dronelab

Guido Manuilo
Head Manager – DP

Nicolás Barrera
Drone Pilot

Markus Clark
Drone Pilot

Raúl Martínez
FPV Pilot

Petr Andreev
Drone & FPV Pilot

Marc Juanola
FPV Drone Pilot

Eduard Berdié
Drone & FPV Pilot

Javier González
Shotover Certified Technician

Raúl Puigventós
Helicopter Pilot

Lisandro Fernández
Gimbal Operator

José M. Salido
Camera Operator

Héctor Cash