Dronelab provides aerial filming services with helicopters drones and cablecam for optimal aerial shots for fiction, advertising and TV.
We are specialists in aerial cinematography with a long trajectory in the audiovisual industry, so we understand both the aesthetic and practical needs of production phase.
We can work with the main unit or receive a creative summary and operate as a 2nd. unit.

Helicopters & Gyrostabilized Heads

High-altitude shoots, flights over city and high-speed tracking

Single and multi turbine helicopters for cinema, TV, photography and photogrammetry equipped with Shotover F1 & Cineflex.
The Shotover F1 is the only 6 axes gyro-stabilized head in the world. It can handle over 200 cameras and lens combinations. Usually combined with Red Weapon and Fujinon Cabrio ZK 25-300 mm, 1 Tb memory cards, ND-IR optical filters. It is the definitive tool to mount on helicopters, airplanes, boats and cars.
The Cineflex V14 is a 5 axis gyro-stabilized head equipped with a Sony HDC-1500 or HDC-950F camera that offers 1920×1080 files, HDCAM SR on Dual-Link with a data stream of up to 880 Mbps and 4: 4: 4 or standard 4:2:2 HQ ProRes makes it especially useful for live broadcasts and television productions.

Alta 8 & Arri Alexa Mini

Aerial filming with the exceptional quality of Arri Alexa Mini

Designed to satisfy the most demanding projects with accurate and reliable results, the Alta 8 is the first multi-rotor where a camera can be mounted on its upper part.
Combined with the Gremsy H16 and with a load capacity of 9kg it has an autonomous range of 8 to 12 minutes.
It is the most used drone for cameras like Arri Alexa Mini or Red.

Inspire 2 & X5S / X7

The high-end aerial cinema bundle | 6K Raw | Super35 | Full Prime Lenses Set

It is the first cinematographic drone with a weight of less than 5 kg, and an autonomy of 20 minutes of flight capable of developing a top speed of 94 km/H.
With a setup time of 5′, a change of batteries or optics in 1′, it is our favourite integrated full platform bundle of drone, camera, transmitters and lenses.
Everything is integrated in this platform of last generation that facilitates the times on the set in a radical way maintaining an unprecedented quality.

Zenmuse X7

6K Raw | Super35 | Full Prime Lenses Set

The Zenmuse X7 camera is equipped with a Super35 sensor and was designed to be the ultimate aerial shooting tool for professional filmmakers.
With a dynamic range of 14 steps, it is compatible with DJI DL 16, 24, 35 and 50mm lenses.
It has a D-log curve and a RGB-D-Gamut color space, which allows it to easily match with Alexa. It delivers 6K files at 24/25/30/60 fps at Cinema DNG and 5.2k at 24/25/30/60 fps on Apple ProRes and the new Apple Profes Raw format, and SDI and HDMI live broadcast.

Zenmuse X5S

5.2K Raw | CMOS 4/3’| Full Prime Lens Set

The Zenmuse X5S camera, equipped with a Micro 4/3 sensor, has a dynamic range of 12.8 steps and is compatible with eight Olympus lenses from 9 mm to 45 mm (equivalent to 18 mm – 90 mm in a full frame camera), and delivers files 5.2K at 24/25 and 30 fps in CinemaDNG and Apple ProRes.

Mavic 2 Pro

The best 4K solution for small projects

The world-famous drone Mavic 2 Pro marks a before and after, offering high quality aerial images in productions of all formats.
The 4k h.264 and H265 files make it ideal for jobs where the most important aspect is to arrive and fly without giving up an excellent image quality.


A Cinematic first person view perspective

The cinewhoop it’s basically a ultra tiny drone capable of fly through small gaps or fly around people without worrying thank to their compactness and safety protected propellers. It’s equipped with a Gopro 7 capable of recording 4k footage in Protune mode and manual settings. We fly it with a first person view googles, giving a full immersive view perspective.


Where we cannot fly

Suitable for indoor and outdoor it is the most used tool in places where drones cannot fly. Equipped with stabilizers such as Movi or Ronin series, it takes cameras of virtually all formats.
With a payload of up to 15kg and a maximum speed of up to 50 km/ h the camera can move up to 200 meters through the double dyneema cable system with maximum security. Equipped with a Full HD wireless transmission system.

Phantom Miro LC321

Are you looking for a super slow motion camera?

The High Speed Phantom Miro LC321 can capture up to 1500 frames per second at 1920×1080 resolution, with both on board RAW recording and HD-SDI.
It also can record Prores files in an external Atomos monitor-recorder via SDI.
The camera can playback the files recorded immediately, showing the high speed shot result.
We provide The Phantom Miro M320S with a EOS lens mounts and external Atomos Monitor, PC laptop and technician operator.

Red Weapon & Dragon

The most versatile camera on the market. Raw & Prores formats up to 6K

The Red is designed to offer cutting-edge performance, it is the most intuitive camera on the market.
Transfer rates up to 300 MB/ s, on the camera itself, 1D and 3D-LUT outputs, and freedom to record simultaneously in RAW REDCODE®, Apple ProRes or Avid DNxHR / HD file formats up to 6K.
The Red includes integrated mounting points, interchangeable lens mount, intelligent OLP filter system, providing a solution that combines flexibility and accessibility with high-end performance.

Insta360 Pro 2

8K | 3D / VR | HDR | FlowFlowState™ Premiere Pro

Captures 8k VR with Alta 8, it is the most stable and advanced technology in the market in VR aerial captures for immersive experiences.
With a bitrate of 120mbs / s for each lens, it captures every detail in every direction. Optimally integrated with Adobe Premiere Pro, it allows a direct workflow, without stitch or additional processes.


Breathtaking aerial raw pictures with drones or helicopters

Hasselblad, Phase One, Canon, Nikon, Sony, there is no camera that cannot fly!
Choose between the Integrated platform with 24Mpx and a wide range of lenses or simply upload the camera of your dreams with the most suitable drone for it.
You can also opt for two-seater helicopters at a very competitive cost.

Showreel Shotover

Showreel Drone

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Zoltán Dudás
Aerial Unit Producer

Guido Manuilo
Photography Director

Héctor Cash

José M. Salido
High Speed Technician

Javier González
Camera Operator

Raúl Puigventós
Helicopter Pilot